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Tex Ball - Straight Shooter Coffee

Tell us a little about yourself:
10 year Air Force vet. Volunteered for Vietnam at age 17. Translator. Earn linguistic degree (speak 7 languages) and commissioned officer in 5th year. Became instructor pilot T37. After service flew A300 for Eastern Airlines. When EAL went under I follow the A300s all over the world, flying and training local pilots.

When I left flying to stay closer to home for my family, I became a Regional director for a hotel management company. After many years I lost that job over mask mandates.
Started living and learning about coffee during childhood in New Orleans. Learned much more during world travels, especially the fact that fresh roasted is best. After losing hotel job, I spent 6 months sourcing the best specialty beans. Talked with 50 different roasters and visited 11 of the. I found 2 that were willing to meet my requirements to roast on demand and ship directly to my customers so they received the freshest roasted coffee possible short of roasting at home. So, instead of buying coffee from stores after it has been sitting for 6 to 12 months, our Straight Shooter Coffee family gets their coffee within 3 to 5 days out of the roaster. FRESHNESS COUNTS.
How long have you been a member of POB?
Since February or March 2021.
To you, whats the importance of groups like POB?
Being a part of a like minded group of other entrepreneurs is a true blessing. I have seen POV membership grow from a few hundred to over 8000 now. There is a vast amount of resources and knowledge to be shared here. I am truly hoping that my business will grow and flourish with the support of groups like POB. And I look forward to continuing to support the fellow member businesses from which I have made purchases. I have said many times that by supporting small businesses we can make America great again.
What is a Patriot to you?
As a vet I took an oath from which I have never been relieved. But military service is not required for patriotism. This nation was fought for by only 3% of it’s in habitants during the revolution. Very very few of them had any military experience at all. It was love of freedom, country and  fellow countrymen that brought us to our founding. I believe that live still exists even in these unprecedented times.
If you could have dinner with 1 person dead or alive, who would it be and why?
My daughter Ashley Nicole. She passed away in July 2016. The hole she left behind is deep.
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